Top 10 Best Online Colleges for 2017

Online colleges and online education have become immensely in the course of the most recent ten years. In America alone, the quantity of online students has swelled from 2 million to now more than 6 million.

Online universities and colleges vary generally in quality, with more campus-based schools competing for online students and offering on the online degrees. Hence, rankings of online universities and colleges should be routinely overhauled. Thus this positioning of the main 10 online schools for 2017.

Online education gives students unrivaled adaptability in seeking after a degree program, yet it is wrong for everybody. Seeking after an online degree requires free drive and study abilities that a few students who are new to college may need.

Following are top 10 best online colleges for 2017:

1 - Penn State World Campus—Pennsylvania State University: Official Website
Penn State World Campus offers an impressive list of online programs, with more than 120 online programs leading to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs.

2 - University of Florida Distance Learning: Official Website
Distance learning students can access a variety of support services, such as an online course management system, library resources, career services, and an online registration system. University of Florida Distance Learning graduates can join the large alumni network.

3 - UMass Online: Boston University: Official Website
UMass Online, the online consortium of the highly respected University of Massachusetts system, offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate (including doctoral) degree programs.

4 - Boston University: Official Website
Boston University’s online students have access to a variety of services, including library resources, career services, and tutoring.

5 - Northeastern University: Official Website
Northeastern University’s offerings include more than 60 online degree programs, which give students the flexibility to earn their degree on their own schedule.

6 - Indiana University–IU Online: Official Website
IU Online offers more than two dozen online master degree programs ranging from strategic management to social work to data science and more. Students also can earn doctoral degrees in instructional systems technology, nursing practice, and nursing science. Online students also can choose from a variety of certificate programs.

7 - Arizona State University–ASU Online: Official Website
Online students have flexibility to complete coursework on their own schedule. Some ASU Online courses require specific log-on times, and most have set assignments and deadlines.

8 - University of Minnesota–Twin Cities: Official Website
The university offers a variety of online degrees. Students can complete most of the programs fully online, but some programs require on-campus visits.

9 - University of Arizona: Official Website
Through UA Online, the University of Arizona offers 29 bachelor’s degrees ranging from Africana studies to early childhood education to communication as well as nearly two dozen master’s degrees, including those in geographic information system technology; mining, geological and geophysical engineering, and library and information science.

10 - Oregon State University–OSU Ecampus: Official Website
Oregon State University offers more than 900 online courses and a host of degree programs through OSU Ecampus. The university’s online offerings include nearly 20 bachelor’s degrees in topics ranging from anthropology to German to sustainability; nine master’s degrees such as executive leadership, counseling, and natural resources; and doctoral degrees in education and counseling. The university also offers certificate programs, as well as chemistry and foreign language courses.

This ranking of the best online universities and colleges depends on broad research and recognition with American online education. In planning this positioning, we looked to such elements as scholastic perfection, insightful quality of workforce, web based showing strategies, educational cost, notoriety, grants, local accreditation, money related guide, and scope of degree projects advertised.

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